The Celebration.


Meeting Professionals International (MPI) New Jersey 


Professional Emcee & Host


The MPI-NJ CMP/CMM Recognition Event, aptly named “The Awakening: Where Soul Meets Success,” was a resounding success that left a profound impact on all who attended! This was no ordinary event; from the moment attendees stepped through the door, it was evident that something extraordinary was in store. The atmosphere was electric and charged with energy. This is an annual event to recognize event professionals for achieving educational excellence.

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Dion Magee set the stage with an electrifying opening that resonated deeply with the souls of the attendees. One attendee described him as “awesome.” His stage presence was pure magic as he declared, “We are here to celebrate your achievements. It’s time to recognize you!” – all in Dion’s signature RuPaul voice (a delightful touch).

As the event came to a close, the excitement didn’t diminish; it was only the beginning of an awakening to limitless possibilities lying ahead. Attendees left with a renewed sense of purpose, inspiration, and a stronger commitment to “setting your soul free.”

Written by Cassandra D. Foy, CMP, CMP/CMM Recognition Event Co-Chair

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